Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Technique Tuesday: Shaker Frames

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Today we're going to make Shaker Cards!  
Go ahead, sing it with me....
Shake, Shake, Shake.....Shake your booootay!

Okay.  So in all seriousness, adding some movement to your cards can be super duper easy, yet have an extraordinary effect!

Go from this
Shaker FramesNote:  Stampin' Up! sells these amazing shaker frames.
They coordinate with our Circle punches and framelits.
I used a rectangle frame for my card, but the concept to follow is EXACTLY the same with these circle frames.  *you just won't have to measure like I did!
Things you will need.

1. Confetti/beads/glitter (whatever will be inside the shaker frame)

2. Grab any size of double sided foam mounting stripe/tape like this
You can find this anywhere that sells tape really.
*** If you are using a thick confetti/bead instead of just glitter, you will need to stack your strips to make the frame stick up tall enough to shake.  I found some 1/8 inch thick mounting strips at the hardware store (in the adhesive section), so I didn't have to double stack them.  It actually made a super thick frame which I love!
3.  Card base and your stamps!

Create your card base.

The base of your frame should include room for your
adhesive strip.  Don't forget to take that into account when
stamping words inside your frame.
Pour your confetti in a nice pile
then set it aside for a moment.

Next, cut a Window Sheet the same size as your frame base.
I added a border that I sewed to give it a funky texture.  I just took some black strips of paper, made sure they were wider than the adhesive strips that I used.  If you wanted to cut the perfect rectangle, you absolutely could measure and trace out the "window" portion with an exacto knife.  This is also super easy to do with framelits of any shape!  (a flower shaker card?! oh my....I think I need to try that!)

Make sure that your border covers the mounting tape, and adhere to the frame.
Once you peel the backing off the double sided mounting tape, you will want to place it CAREFULLY on the card base in the area you have the base.

and TA-Da!
shake it baby!

Now, You can embellish it how you want!  Add the finishing touches and watch them squeal at your AMAZINGNESS and I promise not to tell them how easy it was.  :)


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Happy Stampin' ~ Donna 

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  1. Great job on the shaker cards today ladies. So fun!!!