Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Technique Tuesday! Markers and Clear Blocks!

Happy Tuesday!
Donna here from Organized Chaos to share with you another Technique Tuesday post!

Are you excited to see a fun way to use your markers today?
We're going to stamp with our markers and our clear blocks.  Wait..What?!

First Step.  Pick out any of your markers that you'd like to use.
Then grab a block that is at least as big (if not bigger!!) than the paper you will be "stamping on"
Next:  Color your block!
I colored in stripes here.  In this example, I placed the paper on the desk, and stamped with my block.  I pressed pretty hard, but I wanted the textural white space to show.  If you want your ink to be more uniform and not so much white space, I recommend you put your block on the desk, put your paper on top of it, and use your brayer to roll with even pressure across the block.  (this is why its better to have a bigger block than your paper)

If you want to really make a statement:
Try coloring your block in a random color pattern,

Then spritz the block with alcohol
 the more alcohol you add, the swirlier the colors will get....I love watching this part!
See the difference between the two?  (notice I missed a few spots with the alchol spritzer...the colors didn't swirl as nicely as I wanted.  just flip the cardstock and try again!)

Add some embellishments....
and viola!
Your Card Is Done!

Check out what our designers came up with and be sure to check their blogs for details on how they made their card!

Donna Smit ~ Organized Chaos

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Kim Ryden ~ Stamping with Kim

Thanks for stopping by!  Check back tomorrow and see how our designers use the Seasonally Scattered stamp set!

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