Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Gift Card Holders

It's the gift giving time of year and sometimes it's hard to find that perfect gift for that certain special someone in your life.  Thank goodness for the genius who came up with the idea of gift cards, right?!?!   And we've got some genius ideas on how to wrap those gift cards up in some super cute gift card holders!
Be sure to click on the link to each project for any special details each design team member may have to share with you.  And don't forget to leave us all some love too...we love to hear from you!
Cynthia Richards ~ Ink a Doodle Creations

Donna Smit ~ Organized Chaos

Diana Eichfeld ~ Stampin' Fun with Diana

Pam Steckman ~ Stampin' in the Sun

Darcy Johnson ~ Dj's Stampin' Place
Breelin Renwick ~ Craft-somnia Momma
We sure hope we've INKspired you to CREATE some gift card holders for your special someone's!

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  1. Y'all rocked it today! Love all of your gift card holders. Makes me want to go out and buy some gift cards just so I can make some holders :p