Thursday, November 20, 2014

Paper Loop Wreath and Tutorial w/ Cynthia

Good morning, Cynthia here from Ink a Doodle Creations.  Today I am sharing a fun little Christmas wreath I made to hang on my craft room door.  I had plans to make a different styled wreath but after getting inkspired by Breelin's post the other week with her cute little trees, I just had to do a spin off and create a wreath.

With just a few supplies you will be well on your way to creating your own.
Pick your pack of DSP and cut strips 1" x 4".

I used my finger and gave each strip a run down to help curl the paper to a natural loop shape.  Then I used my hot glue gun and sealed each end together.  This is the most time consuming part of the whole project.

After you have glued a bunch you can start by hot gluing each loop about 1/2" in all away around the wreath.

First section complete, now to start the second section.

Once again I started about 1/2" down but making sure to stagger each one in between the outside section loops.  Go all the way around until this section is done.

Now I didn't want to inside or the outside of my wreath to show the icky green foam part.  I cut #3 1-1/4" x 12" strips and #2 other shorter strips to wrap in the inside of and outside of wreath.  My wreath is about a 9" wreath.  Depending on the side you use, your strips may need to be wider than mine.

Second section is complete and I'm ready to glue the strips to the inside of my wreath.  When gluing make sure the glue does not go quite all the way to the edge at the top.  You want a short gap.

Repeat with the gluing of the loops to form the last section.  This time when you start, tuck about 1/4" of the end under the flap of the inside wreath ring.  It will hide the edge yuckiness (is that even a word)?!  LOL!

Once you complete the last section, you can decorate and finish off the wreath as you wish.  I wanted just a simple wreath to really show off the DSP, so I wrapped and attached a bow to hang from the center. 

Right now its hanging from my antique Boone cabinet in my dining room.  Its really looks awesome against the oak wood, it may have to stay there for a while!!

Supplies Used
DSP ~ nordic noel
Ribbon ~ cherry cobbler 1" sheer linen ribbon
Misc. personal trimmer, hot glue gun

I hope you have enjoyed my wreath with tutorial and it will inkspire you to go create your own!

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  1. This turned out soooo good!!! What a fun idea!

  2. I love wreaths. i hang them on the inside of my doors just as much as the outside.

  3. I love this! Makes me want to make one! Great idea my friend!

  4. This looks great, Cynthia! A wonderful showcase of the DSP!!