Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Soot Stamping with Erica

Soot Stamping with Erica
Hello! Erica here from Stamping Starlette.  I'm so excited to share this super fun technique of  Soot Stamping! I've used this technique quite a few times and love it. When Fall Fest came out I knew it would make some really cute cards. To get started you'll need: a candle, glossy card stock and any type of stamp (photopolymer or rubber work well).

The first thing you will need to do is set the mood by lighting a candle. You actually need a candle for this technique. I've tried using just a match and one, it doesn't burn long enough and two, it doesn't work for some reason. Anyway you run the glossy side of the card stock against the flame quickly enough to cast a gray film over the card stock but not to scorch it or burn it. Keep extra careful watch on the edges. They catch on fire so avoid them if you want. 

Next, stamp your stamp onto the card stock. You don't need any ink on it. The photopolymer sticks almost too well so lift off carefully.
When you lift the stamp off the card stock it will take off the grey film caused by the flame. It leaves a ghostly background and that is perfect for Halloween cards!

Here's one of my finished cards

And another! Have fun trying this technique!

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  1. Nice little tutorial. I haven't done soot stamping in ages. I should haul out the candles and give it another try :)

  2. I have always loved this technique and it is one of the reasons I WISH glossy cardstock would come back to SU! Your samples are adorable and motivate me to pull out my stash of GS and do some soot stamping. Your instructions don't include spraying a sealant on after stamping off the soot - I know that the remaining soot will rub off without being sealed. I was hoping you would share what brand you use - I like the look of a glossy acrylic seal, but mine always end up sticky; a matte seal is not sticky, but not always the look I want.

    1. Suzanne, I did forget to add that. I use Krylon fixative linked below. I think the main thing to remember is to do a light coat and keep the can at least 8" away from what you are spraying.