Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Technique Tuesday ~ Masking

Good Morning Happy Stampers!!
We are super excited for you to be here with us today.

We've had a LONG week here at SSInk.  I know, you're thinking, "It's only Tuesday?!!" but lets be honest, between kids' school projects, baseball/soccer games, and all of the other end of the year school stuff, we're all on the same page you are...THE LAST ONE!

It's Tuesday, so we're going to drop a technique in here that we all know and love called Masking.

If you're new to the paper crafting scene, this may seem tricky or confusing to you.  Well I promise you it is SUPER easy.

The key to masking is knowing what you want to see where.  Sums it up nicely eh?
All you need is a post it note, a stamp, and some patience.

Step One:  Stamp the image you want to be in the forefront (the main image) first onto your working card.
Then stamp that image again onto a post it note or another piece of scrap cardstock.  
Cut that image out 
Place that image on top of the stamped image on your working card.
Step Two:  Stamp your background image on top of the post it note/scrap cardstock image.
What this does is protect the original stamp, and puts the background image "behind" the focal piece you stamped originally.
When you peel off the post it note/scrap cardstock your images will now be stamped on your working cardstock, but not on top of each other.

Want to see how this works?
Pamela and Jennifer have taken the time today to show you all their tips and tricks for a good masking card.  Be sure to check out their blogs for their unique take on this 

Pamela Wu - Stinky Tofu
** Notice how she layered the leaves over top of each other, but they appear behind??  check her blog out for more details!

Jennifer Gregorsky - Jenny G Paper Crafts
**We LOVE to mask leaves!!  and that butterfly...!!

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