Tuesday, May 3, 2016

B.Y.O.P. ~ Gift Card Holders

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Gift cards:
Love? or despise?

Love:  I love them because sometimes, it is so much easier than choosing something extremely personal or when you're giving the gift of a food or restaurant.
Despise: Because I KNOW! I could buy way more stuff in that store for $25 if you just let me buy stuff for you instead of a gift card!!  I know you, so trust me....

Okay so maybe I have a few issues.  Good thing our Design Team has some super AWESOME! ways to put a personal touch on those gift cards. 
No reason we need to hand them over in an un-personalized envelope with no flair?!  We're craftier than that!  And we love you enough to decorate that gift card in STYLE! :)

Have an amazing gift card holder that you've made and want to share with us?  Add your link in the comments below!  We'd love to be Inkspired by you!

Jennifer Gregorsky - Jenny G Paper Crafts

Tobe Buffenbarger - The Craft Sea

Carrie Rhoades - Carrie Stamps

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