Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Technique Tuesday ~ Stamp Kissing

Good Morning Happy Stampers!

We are so glad you have joined us today for a special addition of Technique Tuesday.

Today we are going to talk about kissing.

Yup, I'll wait a second until that sinks in...
that's what we're talking about here ;)

The kissing technique is SUPER simple, but yet AWESOMELY effective for creating a great texture in your stampin' projects.

Here's the Low-Down:

Take ANY stamp you LOVE!!  
Take ANY texture/pattern/solid image you have.  Then let the magic happen.

All of your stamps have the amazing capability to effect a solid stamp you own.

Have a solid stamp of a flower?  Have a background stamp that has polka dots?  want to make those two work together?  this is where the kissing technique makes the best of both worlds collide.

Take a solid image like this:
(we're going to use the bottom right image)

Take a background image like this:

Here's what you do.
You stamp the flower image in a light color (say Pink Pirouette)
Then you take the polka dot background stamp and ink in Melon Mombo.
Then you take the Dot stamp and KISS! the Pink Pirouette stamp (press the background stamp onto the solid image) Therefore transferring the polka dots ONLY onto the flower image you are using.
Then you stamp the solid image (with the polka dots already impressed upon the stamp!!) onto the paper.
The end result?

You get a solid color flower in a light color, with the polka dots already stamped into the image!!

Check out what the designer's below have done with this technique!!

Add texture to your plain alphabets by stamping polka dots onto the solid alpha stamps.
Add dimension to your plain flowers by kissing a chevron pattern into the petals.
Add life to your solid leaves by kissing stripes onto a solid leaf stamp.
Make your presents sparkle with texture by kissing a texture onto the solid image in a darker colored pattern.
the possibilities are ENDLESS!!

Here are our Design Team takes on how to incorporate the Kissing Technique into their projects.
Every stamp set you own can now double/triple itself in versatility with this new quick and easy step!
Be sure to check out the Designer's blog and see what products they used in this amazing and fun technique!

Tobe Buffenbarger -- The Craft Sea

Leanne Johnson - Literally My Joy

Pamela Wu - Stinky Tofu

Jennifer Campbell- Happy 2 Scrap 4 Life

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