Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Markers! Use those markers!!

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So now some of you are wondering what is the big deal about having markers?  I have stamps, and I have ink pads...why would I need markers too?
Sure, you can color in images.
And you can write your name and sign your cards with them... but here are a few more things maybe you didn't know about Stampin' Write Markers:

1.  Stampin' Write Markers are the SAME! ink as the ink pads (so this makes the colors consistent across your project!!
2.  You can add amazing hand drawn elements, words, and shapes

wait what?

Yes!!  You can totally color your stamps!
Ever see a super cute stamp and think...wow, I wish I could make that candle image using two different colors.
Or, wow, that floral stamp would look super cute with multiple colors at the same time.
Ever want to use two different colors on a word stamp you own?

Fear not my sweet friend...the time is NOW!
Since our markers are made using the same ink, you can totally use the brush end of your Stampin' Write Marker to COLOR the image!
You can use every marker you own if you want!  Just be sure to give a "huff" or what I like to call "the breath of life" to the stamp (you are using your warm breath to make sure the ink stays wet) just before stamping onto your paper. 

Want to see some examples?! (of course you do!)

Check out the super adorable cards the Design Team created using their markers!  Be sure to click on their blogs to see what they did and how they used their markers...you will love them!!

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