Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Gift Giving

Christmas Gift Giving:
Candle and Boxed Card Set
It's Pam again from Stampin' in the Sun (CLICK HERE to go to my BLOG) with two different gift ideas.  I love these because they are PERFECT for the holidays, or can be changed to be a "generic" holiday gift.  It'd look so pretty with flowers or anything you might like!
First up is a candle.  I will have a tutorial soon.  I know I have promised other tutorials... I have been without a laptop now for a week.  I am at my mom's tonight posting for you!  Hopefully I can get several posts ready for the next few days.  Basically the candle is just a 3x3 candle with a stamped piece of plain tissue paper melted to it.  Yes, plain tissue paper.  Please email me at: pam718steckman@gmail.com if you have questions or want directions!

This card set is for the boss at my school (aka: the principal).  I plan to give it to her later this week.  I made sets of cards for all of the office staff.  I will give them this "early" gift so they can use them over the next few weeks!
This is the front of the box, the snowflake is a belly band I made.  Another tutorial coming on how to make this amazing box.  Again, email me with questions!  I promise to help!
This is the card that is inside the box.  I made 8 of the same card with 8 matching envelopes that are lined.  And they all fit perfectly inside that box!  

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  1. So cute Pam! I love that Festive Flurry stamp set!!

  2. Beautiful projects, Pam! Love that stamped candle...can't wait for the tutorial! :)