Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March Madness !!

Good Morning Happy Stampers!
I hope you are all refreshed and rejuvenated after the weekend of INTENSE college hoops! 
I know I had some nail biter moments over the weekend.
Those games.

Maybe you're not a sports fan like me ... But I'm sure you know a few?  Maybe that tall hunky guy sitting next to you on the couch?  Or that tall smelly teenager down the hall?  (ha or the tween like in my house!)

This time of year can be a roller coaster of emotions and some SERIOUS bonding and bonus time with your Fanatic Significant Other!

I'm not gonna lie...I pull this stamp out of retirement each and every year.  
When I was at convention and they let all of us demos make their very own hand-carved stamp..I totally JUMPED! at the opportunity.
My husband is a Hoosier (I know....I pity me too) and if any of you are Indiana fans, you KNOW that IU is super (read TOTALLY) picky about their logo and sponsorship.  So the very first stamp I carved was of the IU logo.
I break it out for every March Madness season and make my Hubs a cute card (it's usually a sympathy card cuz they have been sucking it up lately on the basketball circuit!! haha)
This year however....my sad little Wolverines are sitting at home while we anticipate a GREAT matchup Friday with IU and North Carolina (UNC)
So, instead of a sympathy card....
here is my peace offering..
He can have it in June....when I'm not so raw about my team being out of the tourney so early this year ;)
Happy March Madness, from my crazy house...to yours!! ~ Donna

I am going to join Donna in wishing my team was still in the big tourney but they sadly are not. It hasn't been the best of years for our team but everyone tends to love an underdog which Wichita State was this year. They did make it through the First Four and won their next round but just couldn't get the baskets to drop during Saturday's Miami game. I decided to use the WSU colors and made my card Yellow and Black. The sentiment might make it seem like they are still playing but rather it is to celebrate some great seniors who gave it their all and were a joy to watch over the last four years. I can send this card to my favorite Shocker who just happens to be my daughter.
Tonya Ball~ Stamp with Tonya

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