Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Technique Tuesday: Bargello!

Good Morning Happy Stampers!!

We are SO SO SO excited for this edition of Technique Tuesday!!
Have you ever seen a Bargello quilting/needlework?  Well we're about to show you how to take that fantastic old school technique and apply it to paper crafting!!

Bargello is basically a needlework stitch that results in a zigzag pattern.  So...how do you make that work with papercrafting? 

Here we go!

Step One:
Pick out cardstock (or DSP, or whatever you are using to create the design) and cut individual strips (here I used 1/2 inch strips)
Use at least 3 different colors/patterns to achieve a nice mix.

 Adhere these strips, in whatever order you choose, to a piece of lightweight paper (I just used a scrap of plain ol' printer paper)  Make sure the strips touch to create the paper panel, and are very well adhered so they don't fall off during the cutting process

Next:  Cut the base into strips (you can do this evenly or in varying widths...for this example, I did all of these in 1/2 inch strips as well)

Next:  Cover a card base with Snail (or your preferred method of adhesive!)

Play around with the pattern on your desk before you start adhering to the base.

Lay your first strip of colored paper onto the base (this will be the start of your new "zigzag" pattern!)

Begin laying each strip side by side while adjusting for your "zigzag" effect.  My pattern was a down 1/8 inch...down 1/8 inch...up 1/8 inch, up 1/8 inch.  If you use varying lengths/widths of your strips, your pattern will have even more intensity!! :) 

Once you make it to the end of your base, just flip it over so you can see where you need to trim off the excess strips!

I like to make my bases 4 1/4 by 5 1/2 and then trim them down when I decide what to do with them.  How cool would these look cut out by a framlit and used as a focal piece?!

Here's the finished card!

Now that you've seen the technique, check out the awesome Bargello Creations of our Design Team!  Be sure to check out their pages to see what papers/embossing folders/tools they used to make this technique their own!

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