Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Technique Tuesday! Decorative Masks

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Donna here from Organized Chaos to show you a thing or two about Decorative Masks.
What are those?  (glorified stencils!)
Anything you use to stamp/ink/add color to an image or paper that covers some other parts: a mask
for this example we're using the Dots and Stripes Decorative Mask by Stampin' Up!  (there are 2 different sets available for purchase, only $2.95 for a double mask set!)

Hearts & Stars Decorative Masks by Stampin' Up!  Dots & Stripes Decorative Masks by Stampin' Up!

  Okay, so for this example we are using BOTH masks in the package.

Very important step here:  TAPE YOUR PROJECT!  Be sure to tap your mask to your project AND the surface you are working with.  This will keep the mask from moving around  and your project steady.  Washi tape is fabulous for this because it will not tear the paper and is easy to remove.  Also:  when working with these acetate masks:  use even pressure and move in the direction of the mask, not against it.  For the stripes, I used a sponge in Mossy Meadow and worked from left to right along the stripes.  Sponging gives a more splotchy look and varies the intensity...If you want it to be more uniform in color, use a dauber. 
Step 2: LEAVE the stripes mask on the paper and add the Dots mask over the project.  Don't forget to tape it down!

Here I am using a dauber to apply the dots.  It fits PERFECTLY! and you can kind of smoosh it to make sure it gets through to the paper.  once you get ALL of the dots inked....carefully remove the masks.
**note to self:  this is a good time to wipe the masks off with a kleenex...otherwise you end up with purple dots and green strips on your hands.....not that that happens...ever...you know, Just Sayin. **
and this is what you get!

Add a few elements and embellishments and you're done!

Check out what our fabulous designers made with their masks!  Remember:  anything you can use to COVER the paper and ink around is a mask!  Check out each of their blogs to see what mask they used and get the tricks and treats of their process!

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  1. Great cards ladies! I love the masking technique and our new stencils are perfect.