Thursday, July 3, 2014

Happy Birthday to YOU!

Before we get to the post today I wanted to say that we started another term with our AWESOME design team.  Almost everyone is sticking around for another 6 months!  But we are losing Melissa from Crazy Paper Freak.  She has promised me that she will be back with us...maybe in 6 months!

If you have time today, please stop by her blog and leave her some love!  We sure will miss you Melissa!

Now on to our post for today!  We are showing you our latest and greatest birthday cards!  Birthday cards are one of the most needed types of cards in my house and I love to have a lot of them on hand to be ready for any birthday that may sneak up on me!

Here are our cards...

Diana Eichfeld ~ Stampin' Fun with Diana

 Erica Bass ~ Stamping Starlette

Darcy Johnson ~ Dj's Stampin' Place
(Darcy had her birthday last weekend so leave her some birthday love!)

Tonya Ball~Stampin' With Tonya

 Heidi Boos ~ Stuck on Stampin'

Kim Ryden ~ Stamping with Kim

Thanks for stopping by today.  We hope you enjoyed our cards.  See you back here tomorrow for a little Red, White and Blue!!

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  1. aw...what a sweet post. I will surely miss you Melissa!! Can't wait to see what you work on during your hiatus.

    great cards ladies!!

  2. Awww thanks for the sweet good bye!

    1. Your fabulous talent will surely be missed...hope to see you back here in again!! :)