Tuesday, May 27, 2014

How much cardstock do I REALLY have?

Darcy here from Dj's Stampin' Place. Organization is not one of my strong suits. It is why I own two bone folders and three versamark pads. Although, having multiples of those have come in hand over the years. I've tried many different containers over the past 10 years to keep all of my Stampin' Up! stuff in order. Bookcase, dvd cabinet, rubbermaid drawer things, etc. Nothing has really helped.

Almost a year ago my husband's grandma gave me her china hutch when she moved to a smaller apartment. We have acquired much furniture and many TVs from them over the years, and I was objecting profusely to us bringing anything else in to our already overflowing house. However, his grandpa had made the china hutch, so I really didn't want to say no. I'm glad now that I agreed to take it!

What do you do with a china hutch, when you own no china? Fill it with Stampin' Up!, of course!

Two disclaimers. The first is that the cabinet usually looks much better than this, but I'm in the middle of switching out the retiring stuff with new stuff and moving things around. The second is that all of my retired stuff is scattered around almost every room of my house.

I love that I have an area that I can keep everything organized in, and that I can keep Abby out of things; provided that I put it up and remember to shut the doors.

Abby decided to photobomb.

I've really struggled with keeping my cardstock organized. Everything I tried, left it warped and my scraps usually ended up like this:

Oftentimes, the scraps would end up on the floor where Abby would find them and render them useless. That is unless people wanted teeth marks in their birthday cards!

Finally, I found something that works for me!

A giant 3-ring binder and page protectors have saved my sanity! I used a Sharpie to write the color name on the white space near the rings, so that everything is labeled.

By the way, I did this approximately two months ago. I had so much cut card stock, that I have only had to go to my cabinet twice in that time to pull out a new sheet when working on a project!

Thanks for stopping in today. I hope that you found my tip useful if organizing scraps is something you struggle with as well. I'm still looking for a good idea for my scrap DSP if you've got something you would like to share!

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