Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Kansas Day

What do you think of when you hear January 29th? I think "Kansas Day!" Maybe it's the kid at heart that still remembers celebrating Kansas Day every year at school. (Seriously, what kid doesn't love an excuse to party at school?) A funny little backstory for you. When the January schedule was being created for the Desgin Team, the question was asked; "What would you like to see in January?" Being deep in the middle of holiday craziness, all I could think of was Kansas Day. As I was the only DT member from KS at that point in time, I think they all thought I might be a little crazy. Therefore I was given the January 29th post as an individual post to share Kansas with you.

This was the fun punch art card I made to share with you:

The sunflower in our state flower. This particular sunflower might not wave in the wind or produce any yummy seeds, but it sure brightens up my living room! Can you guess how many banners are on this card? Please visit my personal blog to find out the answer, find other details about the card, as well as see the inspiration behind it.

Before you go, though, I'd like to share some Kansas trivia with you:

State flower: Sunflower
State bird: Western Meadowlark
State animal: Buffalo
State reptile: Ornate Box Turtle
State amphibian: Barred Tiger Salamander
State motto: Ad astra per aspera (which means 'to the stars through difficulties')
State capital: Topeka

While I colored many a picture of most of those state symbols as I child, you can see why I chose the sunflower for my punch art. Though I'm now on a mission to create a buffalo punch art! 

Come back tomorrow. Our cards will MOVE you! 


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  1. Darcy, what I fun post and your sunflower card makes me think of warm summer days which is of course not what most of us are seeing now. Great job on the punch art!

    1. Thanks, Tonya! With tomorrow's forecasted snow; I really wish it was closer to sunflower season!

  2. You are so cute Darcy! That Sunflower card is great! So glad that you took Kansas Day and ran with it!! :)